Coldroot-The Mac R.A.T

Coldroot – Nasty undetectable Mac malware can steal passwords, remotely control your computer

On Saturday 17th February Chief Researcher and founder of Digita Security, Partick Wardle published his findings of a malicious strain of malware which only affects Mac Users. Once activated, the malware features various capabilities from recording and stealing passwords to remotely viewing the desktop and shutting down the system. Dubbed “Coldroot” this malware is still undetectable […]

Data Protection Divide

The Data Protection Divide.

As the enforcement deadline for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) races ever closer, I’ve been monitoring progress, across several entrepreneur/sme social media groups which I engage with. Form the general discussion in the group forums  it would seem there is a clear divide between business owners. 60% recognising the importance of Data Protection and […]