Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Ares Risk Management has a selection training courses for business and corporate customers to choose from and specialising in the reduction of Physical & Cyber Risk.

If there is a risk, we have a training package to meet your needs.

In a world where the threat landscape can change and evolve very quickly Ares Risk Management provides core training which will help you and your staff at every level of your organisation improve their risk management posture. From coping with and surviving challenging or possibly life threatening situations to providing your staff with the training they need to become your strongest first line of defence against cyber attack.

Our training not only serves your staff when in the work place but also when out and about within the community, travelling to and from work and more...

We have a range of "off the shelf" training which has been developed by our Risk Management Consultants, Executive Close Protection Operators and Cyber Security Consultants.

We also providing tailored training packages which are designed to meet your unique needs, industry sector and operational environment.

Our Courses:
Travel Safe Training

Travel Safe Training has been designed with the travelling business community in mind. Travel Safe Training is ideal for business owners, travelling executives and critical staff who as part of the scope of their roles within your organisation are required to travel to challenging destinations, but who do not require Executive Close Protection teams to ensure their safety and security.

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Active Shooter

While gun-crime and mass-shooting incidents are thankfully few and far between in the UK, but they do unfortunately happen. The same can not be said for other parts of the world. Some of our most popular international tourist destinations are countries with a moderate to high incidence of gun crime and mass shooting incidents, and that's even before we take terrorist threats into account.

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Knife Awareness

With Knife Crime on the rise across the UK, and prevalent in other parts of the world, including popular business and tourist destinations. It is a sad fact that criminal activities or incidents that involve extreme violence are unpredictable, escalate very quickly and often include the use of knives or edged weapons. Being aware of how to avoid an incident is critical! 

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Cyber Awareness Training is is delivered on three levels: Basics, Fundamentals and Tailored and is offered to all businesses and organisations irrespective of size. Our Cyber Awareness Training Courses are free of techno-babble and acronyms that baffle so many people outside of the technical sphere, and give a real appreciation of the subject. Cyber Security Awareness Training, is the one thing that will have a big impact on

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With less than a year to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force as the new Data Protection Law for UK & EU it is important to understand what this new regulation requires from your business. The latest available information shows that there are 12-key areas of difference between the existing Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. We have gone through this new

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