Travel Safe Training

Travel Safe Training

Travel Safe Training has been designed with the travelling business community in mind. Travel Safe Training is ideal for business owners, travelling executives and critical staff who as part of the scope of their roles within your organisation are required to travel within the UK and abroad. Designed by our Senior Security Risk Management Consultants and Close Protection Experts this training takes a risk management approach to the needs of the modern business traveller.

Delivered as a half-day training event, you will learn how to:

  • Stay safe no matter whether you are travelling around the UK or internationally; for work, business or leisure.
  • Understand how to assess the threats you might face in a range scenarios.
  • How to distinguish between low-risk to high-risk and hostile environments.
  • Plan your contingencies in the event that the threat landscape in your destination should suddenly change.
  • How Risk Management and Security Experts plan for travel based activities both at home and abroad.

Travel Safe Training will covering the basics in key areas such as:

  • Seating on Public Transport – including Buses, Taxi’s, Trains, Tubes, Planes.
  • Private Transport  - cars, parking, entry and exit, car-crime and car-jacking.
  • Situational Awareness.
  • Safe Havens and exit strategy in the event of a hostile incident.
  • Hotel Room room selection.
  • The basics of Journey Management.
  • The Basics of Country and Regional Risk Assessments.
  • Protecting yourself against random acts of crime and violence.
  • Essential travel items and numbers.

Training includes:

  • Materials
  • Check Lists
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