Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management Consulting

In today’s complicated business environment, businesses of all sizes are required to establish a risk averse culture. Doing so ensures business continuity, resilience, that supply chain obligations are fulfilled, in addition to the ever-important duty-of-care owed to employees, customers and the general public.

Our Risk Management consultancy focus on your security needs, encompassing your personal, business and cyber security.

Our highly experienced risk management consultants are here to help you to understand the threats and mitigate the risks you and your organisation may face, as you go about your every day business. Working to ISO 31000; all our Risk Management Solutions are comprehensive, holistic and tailored to your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to design customer focused security risk management plans, which are intelligent, robust, and dynamic and represent good value for investment.  We take a comprehensive view of our clients’ industry sector and operational environments, when designing their risk management solution. Our bespoke Security Risk Management solutions, support the continued improvement and overall performance of client companies, through our integrated approach.

It is our unsurpassed experience, passion and expert knowledge that makes us a leading security risk management consultancy. This enables YOU, our client to go about your business activities in total confidence that your safety and security no matter the threat, situation or environment is safe in our hands.

Our risk management solutions are continually evolving, in keeping with the threats of the 21st Century. ARES Risk Management Limited has developed concepts and strategies that provide effective, intelligent and cost effective solutions to ever-changing security and cyber security threats. We undertake comprehensive threat assessment of our client's needs with the full understanding that each client will have different needs, in accordance with their industry and operational environment.

There is no one size fits all package at ARES Risk Management!
We tailor our services to meet YOUR individual needs.
Our Risk Management solutions provide YOU with the best high risk security consultancy available in the market today.

Country and Regional Risk Assessments are central to the planning for all our Executive Close Protection tasks. Knowing the threats that a client might face in any country, region or city determines whether Executive Close Protection capability is critical to ensure safety and security of individuals both at home and when traveling abroad. With 'Duty of Care' high on the list of priorities for businesses and organisations of all sizes we are able to support business by producing highly

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Journey Risk Management in some situations could be viewed as an extension of Country and Regional Risk Assessments, however there is so much more to the application of this services. It is central to our planning of Executive Close Protection tasks, Covert Asset Movements, Protective Surveillance tasks, protecting clients who are living with the threat of fixated risk. In situations where you may not need Executive Close Protection Services the benefit of knowing the most

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Penetration Testing is a robust, intelligent and effective way of discovering weaknesses in both your physical and cyber security measures before the criminals do, thereby providing you with the opportunity to close the gaps and minimise the risk. Penetration testing is at the foundation of a strong risk management strategy. Penetration testing will improve your overall security posture and help to make sure you have total control of your infrastructure at all levels ...

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