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No matter the size of your business we have the experience, knowledge and know how to secure your data,  protect your systems, train your staff and more!

Cyber Security is in the forefront of everybody's mind. Rarely a week goes by without news of a data breach, new and advanced malware attacks, ransomware attacks or denial of service attacks, being highlighted in the press. The threats are ever increasing and the landscape is rapidly changing. With new and enhanced cyber defence strategies and technology on the one hand and cyber-criminals on the other. It may for some feel daunting, and maybe even challenging to keep track of what you should or could be doing to protect your business, customer and employee data, infrastructure and more... 

Ares Risk Management - Cyber Division is here to help!

We believe that:

  • Cyber Security is everyone's responsibility - We all have our part to play to thwart the activities of cyber criminals in our interconnected online world.
  • Cyber awareness and security should be available to everyone, irrespective of business size, budget, industry sector, or technical know-how.
  • Data Protection is fundamental to establishing and growing customer trust and essential for business growth. 

Taking a risk management approach, and back by some of the worlds leading cyber security software and hardware developers, we are able to tailor intelligent and cost effective cyber security and data protection solutions which are compliant with the regulatory requirements of GDPR, to meet the challenges faced by UK business of all sizes. All our consultants are highly trained and experienced Cyber Security  and Data Protection specialists. 

We appreciate that there are significant operational differences between the needs of our corporate clients, when compared with those of our SME and micro-business clients, therefore all our cyber services, solutions and training services are tailored and scaled to meet the size of your business, your operational environment needs and your budget.

Our Cyber Security Services & Solutions

Disaster prevention, protection and recovery planning should be at the heart of every business no matter the size of the business! Our experience shows us that hardware, software and people are fallible. Hard-drives  and servers break down. Software needs patching, upgrading, sometime replacement and can be hacked, and people make mistakes...

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Next Generation Threat Prevention provide organizations of all sizes – from small, midsize and large enterprises with comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats. Real-time security intelligence delivered from "ThreatCloud" and leverages the cyber security industry's first collaborative ...

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End-Point and Mobile Security is an essential for all business clients who's workforce work outside of a secure corporate environment and access corporate systems remotely. This is particularly important for those businesses which allow their workforce and contractors to use their own digital devices for business purposes ...

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In the same way that our Physical Penetration Tests will protect your from a range of direct criminal or terrorist attacks, by identifying weaknesses and vulnerability before the criminals do, our Cyber Penetration tests will do the same in your digital environments and will protect from direct attacks against your network ....

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Encryption is the most effective and powerful way to protect data from unauthorised access, and misuse irrespective of whether the data is at rest, in transport or in transmission. By encrypting your your data, information and email communications you are making it useless to cyber criminals, and anyone who might be trying to intercept it. Our encryption solutions utilise military grade cryptography to secure your data ...

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Protect your business with government backed Cyber Security Standards! We believe that cyber protection should be available to everyone irrespective of business size, budget or technical know how. Our fully automated ultra-secure cloud platform and app., takes the strain out of  becoming fully compliant with Cyber Essentials and will protect your business from 80% of cyber attacks and  ... 

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GDPR IS HERE! If you're ready fantastic - great job... If not Don't Panic, keep taking the steps that you need to take to comply with the GDPR. The ICO (UK Regulator) have been very clear in their statements advising businesses not to panic! They are  not going to knock on your door and instantly fine you. Ignore the scaremongering and don't buy off the shelf "one size fits all solutions" as GDPR needs to be applied with relevance to you business and Ares is here to help!

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Cyber Awareness Training is a totally bespoke training service offered to all businesses and all companies irrespective of size. When you consider that 46%+ of all successful cyber attacks occur due to user error it is critical to your business to ensure that your people are cyber security aware. This one issue alone becomes all the more critical when the implications of the GDPR are taken ...

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