Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training
Cyber Awareness Training is the best way to protect yourself and your business against the global rise in Cyber Crime
Cyber Crime-Statics 2016
Cyber Crime Statics 2015 - 2016


Global statistics show that cyber crime has been rising year on year since the early days of the internet. Even with the best security software that your IT budget permits your office network will at some point be penetrated. One click of a rogue email by a member of staff is all it takes to infect one or more workstations and allow cyber criminals or hackers in. The potential of causing a data breach or ransomware attack have all increased in recent years and with the increase in cyber-crime data-protection agencies and authorities have increased the penalties to those companies which don't do enough to raise awareness among their staff.

To help address this security gap Ares Risk Management - Cyber Division has launched a Cyber Awareness Training course for our clients. Our Cyber Awareness Training Courses are acronym, jargon and techno-babble free. We aim our courses to provide maximum benefit to your non-technical workforce, from your directors down to your front-line data processing staff to give all on the course a real appreciation of the subject and the simple steps that can be taken to prevent data-breach.

The impact of Cyber Crime on Business
The impact of Cyber Crime on Business

Ares Cyber Awareness Training covers:

  • The Definition of threats, vulnerabilities, risks and assets
  • Reviews the many steps you and your staff can take to address the threats, risks and vulnerability.
  • Social engineering
  • Attack types and what you and your staff can do to avoid a the risk of an attack.

Historically Cyber Security Awareness Training for staff has been the most under-valued service in the cyber security sector yet, Cyber Security Awareness Training, is the one thing that will have a big impact on strengthening your defence against a cyber-attack. There is evidence to show that booking staff onto a Cyber Awareness Training course will:

  • Boosts their confidence
  • Empower them to play a vital role in your business's cyber security and enable them to become its human firewall.

Ares Cyber Awareness Training is a totally bespoke training service offered to all businesses and all companies irrespective of size. 

In addition to Cyber Security Fundamentals we also offer bespoke Cyber Awareness training based on your Cyber Policies. This ensures that your staff understand the critical need to follow the procedures you have in place!

As part of our Cyber Awareness Training we are also able to Penetration test your people after their training. Our end-user Penetration Testing is tailored to meet the needs of your business and the threats your business faces.

Empower your workforce and strengthen your FRONT-LINE defence against Cyber Attack TODAY!
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