Disaster Prevention & Recovery

Disaster Detection, Prevention &  Recovery
Disaster prevention, protection and recovery planning should be at the heart of every business no matter the size of the business!

Our experience shows us that hardware, software and people are fallable. Drives and servers breakdown, software needs patching, updating, upgrading. Systems can be hacked and people make mistakes. Cyber criminals and nefarious actors who will try to break into systems and wreck havoc; commit crimes against you and your business, for their financial gain, undermine your operational integrity and cause you reputational damage.

It is for these reasons that it is critical for every business to have a Disaster Recovery Plan as a means to protect the business, by protecting the systems used as well as the data and information the systems hold.

As the age-old adage states, “It’s too late to sharpen your sword when the drum beats for battle”. Make no mistake, we are in a war and we must prepare for the cyber battles by sharpening our skills and strategies  as well as utilising the vast array of soft and hard systems to mitigate the risk posed by the challenges and threats faced by business of all sizes in our digitally connected world.

At Ares Risk Management Cyber Division we take the view that its always better to prevent, and protect against a system failure or cyber attack!
Our tailored Disaster Prevention and Recovery solutions provide you with easy to implement and manage Disaster Prevention and Recovery solutions, which can be easily scaled as your business grows. 

When developing the best solutions for your business we take a risk management approach and will take into account as the starting point:

  • the global cyber threat landscape
  • the nature and size of your business
  • your industry sector
  • your operational environment

For Corporate Clients:
Our disaster prevention and recovery solutions are tailored for you by working in partnership with your CSO and Network Managers.
Our solutions will be designed to integrate with your existing systems.

For SME Clients:
We understand that you may not have in house CSO's or Network Managers.
If you do, we will work with them to develop the best solutions for you.
If not our tailored Disaster Prevention & Recovery Solutions will include a range of options for you to choose from

Disaster Prevention and Recovery is an intelligent and cost effective countermeasure to the numerous costs and risks of cyber attack and system failure.

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