Encryption Solutions

With so much of our sensitive data stored on our hard-drives, servers and online, it’s no surprise that cybercrime is on the rise. Data breaches have long been a problem for businesses and individuals, but criminals are ramping up attacks, and the numbers are alarming. 

Rising data breaches are bad news, but there are ways businesses and agencies can help protect their information from cybercrime. Encryption technology is one of the key methods for protecting data, and what started as simple code use over telegraph in World War I is now a sophisticated coded algorithm that allows data to safely be stored and transferred.

By encrypting your your data, information and digital communications you are making your data useless to cyber criminals. Encryption not only protects you from cyber criminals, it can protect you from corporate espionage dependent on how you implement encryption. 

Our Encryption Solutions will protect your data

  • At rest, in transit and your online privacy with Zero Fuss
  • Enable you to surf the web anonymously
  • Reduce your online foot print
  • Bank and shop online with complete confidence that your identity and financial details are safe and secure
  • Bring legacy systems back to life with full confidence that the system will not be breached, thereby saving you money
  • Communicate with colleagues, co-workers and customers in a secure environment
  • and so much more!!! 


Our Encryption Solutions:
Encrypted Email Plugin

Secure email communication
without any additional efforts

Rmail is a smart encryption plugin for email communications which provides:

  • Encryption
  • Tracking
  • Large File & Document Delivery
  • E-Signatures and more.

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The double encryption - hardware and software - ensures the safety of the system and data contained in the device. With multiple uses in a variety of contexts, Secure-K provides inherent safety and security as well as protection from viruses and malware. Thanks to its set of encrypted communication tools, it is optimized to maintain digital identities safe and to preserve security, privacy and anonymity.

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Our Encryption Solutions support GDPR Compliance!

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