Encrypted Email

R-Mail - Encrypted Email for All

Encrypted email is the #1 sure fire way to protect all sensitive and confidential data and documents while in email transmission! With our partners Frama-Communications we are delighted to being you an affordable and scaleable Encrypted Email Solution, which just plugs-in to your existing email platform and is 100% compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Google Chrome (Gmail) and webmail applications.

GDPR Compliant Encrypted Email

RMail will help you to (on installation) be instantly compliant with one of the GDPR Requirements!

RMail is easy to use and offers a unique combination of features:

  • Network or end-to-end encryption without caching of the data, without additional clicks, downloads or the need for web accounts.
  • Verifiable, audit-proof receipt for compliance and transmission through the unique "registered proof of delivery".
  • No key exchange required. Various options for password exchange with SecurePDF selectable.
  • The encrypted source message contains a link to a webmailer. The recipient can thus answer in an encrypted manner (Secure Reply).
  • Email Signatures - Use your own
Additional Feature:

Send large emails and attachments up to 1 GB

Those who want to send large amounts of data by e-mail often face the following problem: most e-mail providers only allow the sending up to a certain file size (standard 10-25 MB). With LargeMail, you can now exchange sensitive information and attachments up to a size of 1 GB simply by e-mail, using your R-Mail plugin. Secure, encrypted, convenient and, above all, with a high degree of verifiable evidence directly from your existing e-mail system.

Secure e-mail communication
without additional effort.

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