Secure-K, Double Encrypted Drives

Secure-K, Encrypted Workstation on the WalkSecure-K provides an extremely secure, independent operating system, configured not to use the hard drive of the host device. It's an OS which works on any computer without leaving a trace. This feature makes it safer from  viruses and malware.

Thanks to its set of encrypted communication tools, it is optimized to maintain digital identities safe and to preserve security, privacy and anonymity as well.

The double encryption - hardware and software - ensures the safety of the system and data contained in the device.

Our Secure-K OS for enterprises comes in a bundle with an on-premise installable secure server that delivers an extensive back-end ecosystem that enriches the personal solution with essential tools such as:

  • asset inventory,
  • remote management,
  • update manager,
  • cloud file sync and share,
  • realtime system backup & restore and much more.

Secure-K Encryption


Secure-K is the ultimate encrypted "Workstation on the Walk" (WoW) 
Winner of numerous Innovation Awards in 2017
Achieve GDPR Complance with Secure-K
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