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End-Point & Mobile

Endpoint Security is an essential for all business clients who’s workforce work outside of a secure business environment and access business/corporate network remotely from laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Each time a mobile device connects to your business network remotely an "endpoint" is created and it is these endpoints, which if insecure can be use by cyber criminals to gain access to your network.

Endpoint security is particularly important for those businesses who allow their workforce and contractors to use their own digital devices, within the business environment as well as to remotely access the business network when away from the workplace on company business.  A data breach from a lost, stolen or compromised laptop, tablet or phone can result in costly fines, lawsuits and lost revenue.

Ares Cyber Division has developed working relationships with global leaders in the endpoint security market while maintaining our independence. This enabling us to give you broad comparable options to choose from when delivering the best endpoint solution for your business.

All our work for you is undertaken though a consultative process and takes a risk management approach to your endpoint security needs. 

When developing and delivering your Endpoint solution we will take into account your business sector, the size of your organisation, your operational environment and the number of endpoint which will need to be secured.

Endpoint Security is a must have security measure in a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) environment and provides added protection in the event of lost or stolen devices!

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