GDPR Training

GDPR Training

GDPR is the biggest shake-up to Data Protection legislation in over 20-years, and while it does apply to all businesses no matter your size, operational environment or industry sector, it is also true that there is no "one-size-fits all" solutions to compliance.

When it comes to training your key people and your front-line staff, a broad brush blanket course may not be your ideal solution to your training needs.

This is why here at Ares Risk Management we have developed training solutions, which gives you choice...

GDPR Online Training

Our Online Training is a cost effective solution for micro entities and small business.

Our course is fully resourced and comes with loads of templates and examples of how to use the templates provided to achieve compliance.

On completion of the course you will have a full understanding of what GDPR means for your business along with your bespoke gap-analysis on what you will need to do to comply.

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GDPR - Bespoke Training

With big business in mind, we appreciate that your Data Protection Officer (DPO) might not have the time to train department heads and frontline staff on their responsibilities in safe-guarding customer data as you prepare for the GDPR - we also understand that some big businesses may not have (as yet appointed a DPO) yet training and awareness needs to be raised within the organisation - this is where Ares Bespoke GDPR Training comes in... working with you DPO (if you have one) we will develop Bespoke GDPR training for you, specific to your operational environment and industry sector and deliver it for you on your premises.

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