Next Generation Threat Detection

Next Generation Threat Detection
Next Generation Threat Detection

The essential building blocks of true next generation threat detection, prevention and protection should provide:

  • Blocking advanced threats including zero-day attacks with multi-dimensional machine learning, advanced exploit prevention and a hardening of your cyber security systems;
  • Proactive attack prevention with real time intelligence from our "Threat Cloud"  global threat analytics and expert threat researchers;
  • Deep forensics and fast remediation of advanced attacks with the latest End-point Detection & Response technology using a single agent;
  • High performance and low false positives.

There are numerous reasons why increasing your business cyber security is a good idea, however this often means increasing your complexity and management challenges in kind. With our global partners Ares Cyber Division delivers a multi-layered line of defense to help you maximize your security while minimizing your challenges and closing the gaps. Our Next Generation Threat Detection, Prevention and Protection solutions provide organisations of all sizes – from small, midsize and large enterprises. We are able to provide you with comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats. Real-time security intelligence that leverages the cyber security industry’s first collaborative network of analysts and researchers in the fight against cyber-crime.

Our Next Generation Threat Detection Solutions are:
  • fully tailored
  • integrated turn-key solutions which can be built on and expanded as your business grows
  • Costs 1/3 less than comparable multi-vendor solutions

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