Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing - Cyber
Penetration testing whether cyber or physical are the foundation of a strong security risk management strategy
and will improve your overall security posture of your organisation as well as help to make sure you have total control of your infrastructure at all levels of your business.

In the same way that our Physical Penetration Tests will protect your from a range of direct physical criminal or terrorist attacks, by identifying weaknesses and vulnerability before the criminals do, our Cyber Penetration tests will do the same in your digital environments and will protect your data and digital infrastructure.

In our digitally connected world, where the cyber threat is constantly evolving, the only sure fire way to stay ahead of the hackers, crackers and cyber criminals is to schedule regular penetration testing of your network and infrastructure, applications, build configuration and your human assets (your workforce).

Ares Risk Management Cyber Division is very proud to have partnered with an outstanding team of ethical hackers, who use all the tools and tricks available to real-world attackers. Our team will identify any inherent weaknesses and vulnerability within your cyber systems before the criminals do. As part of our in-depth process we'll also let you know how to eliminate weakness and close any gaps. We can also test your workforce against social engineered attacks, thereby providing a holistic hardening your cyber security and provide you with robust threat prevention.

Regular Penetration Testing of your cyber systems should be part of your cyber risk management strategy especially in light of the demands of the GDPR and the new UK Data Protection Laws which are currently making their way through parliament.

One of the biggest fears of many business irrespective of size is that Cyber Penetration testing will in some way disrupt the operational work-flow or smooth functioning of the business - this fear is unwarranted  as our Cyber Penetration Testing procedures will not disrupt your operational work-flow, you will be able to work and drive your business forward as usual while our team tests for vulnerability!


Our Penetration Testing Team have the following Accreditation's

If you want to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and ensure that your Cyber Security measures are truly effective and robust!
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