Country & Regional Risk Assessments

Country & Regional Risk Assessments

Country and Regional Risk Assessments are at the core of Risk Planning for all Executive Close Protection tasks, no matter whether we are operating in the UK or abroad.

Knowing the threats that a client might face in any country, region or city is key to keeping our clients safe in any situation or environment. Undertaking Country and Regional Risk Assessments will determine the level and suite of Executive Close Protection services are critical to the client's journey's or not. We understand that Executive Close Protection might not be needed in every instance of every national or international journey an executive or VIP traveller might need to make; however, all our advice is based on the risk and we leave nothing to chance!

Notwithstanding having a Country, Regional and City Risk Assessment undertaken during the planning stage of any business trip makes good sense and  provides and an extra layer of surety and awareness for the individual traveller and clearly demonstrates that 'Due Diligence' and 'Duty of Care' was undertaken in the security planning of any international business, or VIP journey.

Included in our detailed Country and Regional Risk Assessments is an analysis and evaluation of threats and risk in terms of:

  • Geopolitical influences
  • Domestic Political stability
  • Economic influences
  • Cultural influences
  • Crime & Corruption
  • Health Care Provisions
  • Transport
  • Terrorism
  • Seasonal issues and more... from which our Security Travel recommendations and plans are made.

We offer Country & Regional Risk Assessment reporting and recommendations as a standalone service in the furtherance of travel safety.
Journey Risk Management can be added as an additional Travel Safety Service.
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