Journey Risk Management

Journey Risk Management

Journey Risk Management is central to our planning for all Executive Close Protection task. Knowing the threats that a client might face in any country, region or city determines whether Executive Close Protection capability are critical to the business trip or not.

Knowing the most direct routes, from hotels to meeting venues or leisure venues, escape routes, safe havens in the event of a hostile act, criminal attempt or other indecent is as critical part of our planning.

We also understand that Executive Close Protection might not be needed in every instance of every national or international journey, which is why we offer Journey Risk Management Assessment and Journey Planning as a stand-alone service. It is our belief that undertaking a Journey Risk Management Assessment during the planning stage of any business trip makes good sense. It provides and an extra layer of surety and awareness for the individual traveller. It also clearly demonstrates that as a company you take your responsibility in 'Duty of Care' and ‘Due Diligence’ and 'Duty of Care' was undertaken. It also clearly demonstrated that you take safety and  security planning of any international business trip seriously.

When you consider that driving is the riskiest activity that most employees at every levels of an organisation will face. Drivers encounter risks associated with the vehicle (e.g. mechanical failure), the driving environment (e.g. road and weather conditions, traffic, pedestrians) and the driver (e.g. distractions, fatigue, stress). Journey Risk Management and Journey Planning makes good business sense.

Journey Risk Management is a versatile services which ensures that "business/ workforce traveller" arrives at their destination safely, and able to do their job to the best of their ability.

There are many reasons why a company or individual may need this service both at home and especially when travelling abroad.

  • Executives in certain industries may be vulnerable to personal threats due to the nature of the core business activity.
  • The workforce may have to travel to and around international hostile environments to perform their duties.
  • High Profile Public Figures might be vulnerable to personal threats, fixated threats and stalkers.

Journey Risk Management comes into it's own as a critical service when travelling abroad to countries which are economically, socially or politically unstable.

Our Journey Risk Management and Journey Planning Services are offered to corporate clients and individuals in situations where journeys may pose unique risk and vulnerability.

We offer Journey Risk Management Assessments and Journey Planning as a standalone service in the furtherance of travel safety for customers.
Journey Risk Management and Journey planning is also available in conjunction with Country & Regional Risk Assessments.
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