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Ares Risk Management Limited are here to deliver solutions which will minimise the risk to you, your family, your property, business, employees, reputation and the public. Our tailored security risk management solutions are dynamic, efficient and intelligent!

We achieve this for you through a consultative process. We ensure that tried and tested risk mitigation policies, processes, procedures and personnel are in place to protect you, in any situation or environment. ​

For business: Our solutions incorporate resilience and contingency planning, leaving nothing to chance and establishing the foundations of business continuity. We work with you to ensure that our solutions improved overall performance of your company by adopting modern approaches to Risk Management.

For Individuals: We take the time to get to know you, understand your lifestyle and your unique needs. When developing your personal risk management plan. We do this in consultation with you so that you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe in our hands.

Whether you are a business or individual all our risk management solutions are tailored to your individual need! ​

When developing our solutions we place emphasis on forward-thinking which will reduce costs in the longer term,
We blend innovative and traditional security risk management practices in proportion to and in tandem with one another.


Executive Close Protection (also referred to as Bodyguard Services) are a practical and effective response to a range of modern threats and risks to individuals in many walks of life and is no longer the domain of the elite, the privileged or governments.

We make it our business to understand the unique pressures and issues which our clients are facing within the UK and when travelling abroad. We combine this with a detailed understanding of our clients lifestyles from which we deliver a truly bespoke solution to meet their needs. We mitigate the risks for our clients, enabling them to enjoy their lifestyles, go about their business unimpeded and without restriction; secure in the knowledge that they're in safe hands!

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Residential Security Team (RST) Services are usually delivered as part of a tailored Executive Close Protection service however Residential Security Teams can also be delivered as a stand alone service. There are many reasons why people from many different walks of life may need more than a burglar alarm and/or CCTV to protect them, their family and their property.

Everyone's needs are unique and it's unfortunate that with the annual rise in crimes such as robbery, burglary, home invasion, racial intimidation, stalking, and targeted crime against 'the person'; with  the ever-increasing use of violence in these crimes; many people to feel unsafe in their homes.

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Protective Surveillance has a number of applications when it comes to safeguarding you and your family. Protective Surveillance can be used in conjunction with and as part of your tailored Executive Close Protection Solution or it can be used as a stand-alone service in situations or cases where you feel that Executive Close Protection may be too intrusive.

Protective Surveillance is carried out by our surveillance trained Executive Close Protection Operators, who are assigned to observe from a discreet but safe distance and utilising sophisticated equipment. In selecting this level of security, you will be able to undertake your daily routines,  safe in the knowledge that we are keeping a watchful eye on everything happening around you and your family, yet remaining ‘invisible’ to the outside world.

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We provide comprehensive Home Sitting Services - We also provide help and advice on all aspects of residential security, to ensure that the services you receive from us meet your individual needs at every level. More and more people are protecting their property and possessions while they are away on business or during their holidays.

Our homesitters are our employees, under our direction and bound by our Terms of Employment while in your home. We keep our homesitters up-to-date with advice and current topics so that they can provide the best possible service for our clients and their pets.

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Asset Protection Services are offered to the Luxury Good’s Retail Sector, Private and Corporate clients who have high-value and/or luxury goods which need to be protected while in transit from one location to the other. Our Asset Protection Operators will also protected your items while in the secondary location (as applicable), dependent on your needs.

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Whether you need a single door supervisor or a full team of highly trained event security guards, Ares Risk Management’s range of bespoke event security services can help you make sure that your big day is remembered for all the right reasons.

From concerts to industry expos, from private social gatherings to multiple VIP red-carpet events, our event security services can be adapted to events of any scale, duration or risk level. You can hire event security guards from Ares Risk Management to supplement your existing security arrangements arrangements, or you can engage us for complete, top-to-bottom event security management that takes care of all your security needs, letting you focus on creating a memorable event.

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