Residential Security Teams

Residential Security

Residential Security Team (RST) Services are usually delivered as part of a tailored Executive Close Protection service however Residential Security Teams can also be delivered as a stand alone service. There are many reasons why people from many different walks of life may need more than a burglar alarm and/or CCTV to protect them, their family and their property.

Everyone's needs are unique and it's unfortunate that with the annual rise in crimes such as robbery, burglary, home invasion, racial intimidation, stalking, and targeted crime against 'the person'; with  the ever-increasing use of violence in these crimes; many people to feel unsafe in their homes.

To mitigate these risks and increase your safety and security and that of your family; Ares Risk Management is able to provide you with Residential Security Individuals or Teams as part of an Executive Close Protection Solution, for temporary or permanent risk reduction or as a stand alone service.

We are able to integrate our Residential Security Individuals or Teams to compliment and enhance your existing security risk provisions so that you and your family can go about your life and business reassured that you, your family, property and assets are safe and secure.

We have numerous ways in which our Residential Security Teams can work for you to safeguard you, your family, property and assets.

​We are able to cater to your security risk needs at various locations:

  • Your residence
  • Your corporate offices
  • Hotel locations while travelling on business or leisure

Ensuring that no matter where you or your family might be, you are safe in the knowledge that we have your safety, security and welfare covered.

All our Residential Security Team Services are designed and implemented based on your unique situation, circumstance and needs, in full consultation with you!

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