Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping

Bug Sweeping or Technical Surveillance is a key part of our counter surveillance service measures in cases of corporate espionage. It's a little-known FACT that many private homes, as well as offices and vehicles are bugged by people or companies in order to find out confidential information about the person or people who live or work inside.

There are many reasons why a person may find that they have been bugged; one of the main reasons being that the person being bugged is that they are not trusted. This could happen when infidelity is suspected by a partner. Sometimes it's an enemy who will bug you; or someone you think you know well like a family member or neighbour. It could be that a business associate, an employer or professional organisation.

​In the corporate and business world bugging is a common method that your competitors might use against you and your company (corporate espionage) if they consider you a serious threat to their business, or if they wish to harm your business in some other way.

All our Surveillance Services are tailored to your unique situation and circumstances therefore Bug Sweeping is offered as part of our counter surveillance services and a stand alone service. 

If you think someone might be eavesdropping on you or that your home, office or vehicle might be bugged
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