Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations Safeguard Your Workplace

Both in-house misconduct and outside threats to your business create the need for corporate investigations. Fraud and abuse can take various forms but, make no mistake, corporate misconduct can significantly impact small and large companies alike. From the bottom line to your reputation, a corporate scandal could be detrimental to your enterprise now and in the future. Take action to safeguard your proprietary information, confirm the trustworthiness of employees and partners, and maintain the security and safety of your company and employees.

Crimes That Demand Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations can take a variety of forms, all of which are detrimental to the lifeblood of your company. If you suspect any of the following types of transgressions, it is absolutely essential to initiate a corporate investigation conducted by an experienced private investigator:

  • Employee Misconduct: Can include harassment, bullying, payroll abuse, insubordination, and substance abuse.
  • Employee Time Theft: Abuse of the work-at-home privilege (from sleeping to working another job); being distracted by smartphones, web surfing, or social media; abusing the unsupervised time typical of traveling employees.
  • FMLA Abuse: Faking personal or family sickness and claiming medical leave in order to take a break from work or take on a second job.
  • Asset Misuse: Using company funds for personal needs; using the company car for recreation; accepting client gratuities in exchange for special treatment; or using the company’s premises and equipment to conduct competing business transactions.
  • Disregard for Non-Compete Clause: Starting and operating a competing company using trade secrets and proprietary information.
  • Workplace Incidents: Suspicious accidents, injuries, threats, intimidation, almost-accidents.
  • Fraud: Abuse or misuse of business assets, address, purchase orders, and procurement, as well as money laundering, bribery, fraud, computer fraud, shell companies, internet fraud, contract fraud, credit card fraud, and merchant account fraud.

Careful monitoring, detailing, and impartiality are absolutely essential in corporate investigations, along with the inherent techniques of tact, discretion, and subtlety. It is also absolutely necessary that all corporate investigations be conducted legally and meticulously so that any evidence gathered can be used as evidence in a court of law, if necessary.

Methods Used to Conduct Corporate Investigations

The methods that experienced private investigators use to conduct corporate investigations will vary for every case. Ares Risk Management are specialists in:

  • Undercover Investigations: Stealthy methods are often necessary to discover the kind of evidence needed to prosecute an individual or individuals who are committing fraud or abuse within your company. It is the high-tech surveillance equipment of private investigators, combined with carefully mapped undercover sting operations, that make it possible to identify the guilty parties when it comes to employee theft, fraud, or misconduct.

Why You Should Outsource Corporate Investigations to Ares Risk Management.

Business is business, and you need to keep running yours even if internal or external misconduct or fraud is in operation. If you suspect employee misconduct or a silent takeover by competitors, outsource your corporate investigation. You are too close to whatever issue may be occurring behind the scenes, even if you are only investigating a rumor or suspicion. A private investigator is able to ask the hard questions and find out information personally and digitally in order to find out what’s really going on and who is involved.

The elimination of current problems in the workplace and the prevention of future problems is what Ares Risk Management does best. We specialize in corporate investigations to help prevent problems and mitigate damages when events like theft and fraud occur. We also aid in the prevention of corporate crime by conducting thorough background checks on individuals and businesses before you shake hands or sign contracts.

Employee theft, fraud, misconduct, accidents, and absenteeism cost corporations billions of dollars in revenue each year. Many firms that are victims of corporate crime either deny they are being victimised or simply give up because they do not know where to turn for help.

At Ares Risk Management, we provide our clients with corporate investigations including surveillance, undercover investigations, interviewing, and
more, to gather the proof needed to release employees, provide evidence to law enforcement, and pursue litigation to recover losses.

Contact Ares Risk Management today to discuss your need for corporate investigations.