Intelligence Gathering

Intelligence Gathering
Corporate intelligence mitigates risk and makes for more profitable business transactions!

In a complex and globally interconnected world, all businesses require some degree of corporate intelligence, competitive intelligence or business intelligence to make better important decisions. Questions about a potential business partners and employees, make the need for professional corporate intelligence all the more relevant to a much larger number of businesses, investors and competitors.

The greater the risk of exposure, the greater the need for professional intelligence gathering, surveillance and investigations. Often this type of information is difficult to obtain internally. For many companies, financial prudence often eliminates the option of hiring and maintaining a full-time staff of investigative professionals capable of providing actionable corporate intelligence. When you need such information, Ares Risk Management is positioned to provide it at exactly the right moment! If you require due diligence investigations or competitive intelligence services, our Business Identification, Business Background, Executive Background Checks, Vendor or Tenant Screening and Field Services can all customized to fit your individual needs and circumstances.

It's not just the world of business that benefits from intelligence - private individuals may well have good reason to develop intelligence regarding prospective employees, such as a child's nanny, private tutors, and others. In cases of matrimonial disputes, infidelity and child protection our intelligence gathering services will help to minimise the risks you or your family member might be facing.

Our Intelligence Gathering combines publicly available information, for background purposes, and covert surveillance to develop pattern of life, and identify key personalities which may add to the threats our client's  may be facing.

​All intelligence gathered is primarily sourced in support of our investigate work for Insurance Companies, Legal Firms, Corporate Clients and clients who are vulnerable to fixated risk.

We urge you call us to discuss your specific corporate intelligence or competitive intelligence needs. Our team will customize an investigation that delivers the information you need within the price and timetable you require.

If you have a valid and verifiable reason to secure intelligence we are able to help!
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