I have used Damien’s services in both as a CPO and recently as a trainer for our overseas special assistance teams. As an operator I found him highly professional, capable and diligent always which as a security manager gave me the peace of mind to conduct my other duties. As a trainer, Damien has been able to change the learning content as per my request often at short notice. He adapted his tone to suit the audience perfectly. His real-life stories kept the audience captivated and really left a lasting impression.
Highly Professional, Capable and Diligent
Anthony Groom - Customer Security Manager @ easyJet holidays
Anna handles the highly anxiety-provoking area of Data Protection Policy to GDPR/UK DPA 2018 Standards with such professionalism. Anna is highly qualified in her field and goes above and beyond to deliver extremely high-quality policies. Additional to this, she is quick to make amendments, submits work on time, and offers invaluable insight into an industry that can feel a bit overwhelming at best. On top of it all, she's a lovely lady (bonus)! It's been a pleasure working with Anna and I would highly recommend using her to get all of your policies in order.  
Anna delivers extremely high-quality policies
Emma Williams - Web Developer
I have known Anna for over 3 years and have never met anyone so passionate and experienced in the whole cyber and information security space. She is constantly learning and keeping up to date with the security sector and it amazes me each time we speak about how she helps her clients keep ahead of the “Bad Guys” A highly recommended and trusted Cyber and Physical Security expert, who not only cares about your data but your business as well.  
Highly Recommended and Trusted Cyber and Physical Security
Ian Luckett - Innovate to Success & IT Experts Community CEO
“Anna is so knowledgeable and helpful, she helped me with various tasks to make my business GDPR ready. A pleasure to do business with. Thank you."  
Anna is so knowledgeable…
Gemma Lang Managing Director - iSocialCircle.com
Ares Risk Management provided our team with some really insightful training on travel & traveller safety. Their experience and expertise is evident from the “real-life” accounts of various incidents. The team is now able to not only identify areas of risk with travel itineraries whether complex or non-complex but also advise our clients on what they could be doing to keep safe and avoid dangerous incidents. I’ll definitely be recommending Ares Risk Management to my clients to enhance their own safety.
Really Insightful Training on Travel & Traveller safety
Sarah Wilson Managing Director - ACE Travel Management
I’d like to say thank you to Anna Heim, Head of the Cyber Division at Ares Risk Management for an excellent training session on GDPR Readiness. Protecting my clients' privacy is extremely important and it’s great to work with an expert who does not use jargon. If data protection and client privacy protection is important to you, I’d highly recommend Anna and Ares Risk Management, for your GDPR Training and Support needs. I found her training to be engaging, easy to follow and totally professional.  
Excellent Training Session on GDPR Readiness
Adriana Kosovska Finance Manager & Career Coach - Zero to Dream Job
Earlier this week my business website got hacked. On the recommendation of a friend, I turned to Anna at Ares Risk Management for help... Anna did great work. She provided me with great service, at a great price and made what could have been very distressing, fun and insightful! Before you get hacked as I did, make sure your site is secure. In addition to fixing and securing my website, Anna provided great business insights as well. I would certainly recommend Anna and Ares Risk Management for Cyber Security Services and Business Insights.  
Anna did great work
Shola Caroline Arewa Managing Director - Energy4Life
I have worked with Damien extensively, and on a variety of tasks over the last year, both side by side as operators and also having tasked him in the capacity of Team Leader on a number of high profile projects I have been responsible for.  As an operator, Damien is exceptional. He displays an awareness far beyond that of an operator and is therefore exceptionally client focused, with an ability to pre-empt situations before they arise. He has a keen eye for detail and assumes the role of a leader naturally and eloquently. He has an unmatched work ethic and innate understanding of any task I have set him to. He conducts himself with a level of discretion and finesse, not often found, which makes him an ideal interface with any client I put him in front of. I could not recommend Damien or Ares Risk Management more highly.  
Damien is exceptional
Kat Hart Head of Close Protection & Events
Damien is a highly motivated security professional with a wealth of experience that shows through his work ethic, standards, and knowledge. Damien is dedicated to the task at hand and has a can-do attitude while working with Damien over the last two weeks on this task I can say that his knowledge and experience have been a complete asset to the task and his ability to work within a small team is second to none and I would happily work with him again here in the UK or abroad. I highly recommend Damien & Ares Risk Management.  
I highly recommend Damien & Ares Risk Management.
Keith Slinger Mobile Ares Supervisor - Anchor Group Services
I have personally worked with Damien for about 3-years in Iraq. He is always professional at all his duties making sure the client's requests are met and maintains a good working relationship with the clients. As a Team Leader, he would carry out training with his Iraqi team members to maintain a high standard on fast-paced contract and making sure they were ready for any task from the oilfield tasks to airport and city tasks. I personally recommend Damien and Ares Risk Management for any position or contract that he is assigned. He is professional and will complete any task or job to a high standard to the client's needs.  
He is always professional
David L Miller  - Senior Team Leader  - Control Risks Group
I have just had an hour plus of Anna's time on cyber security, GDPR and all things internet. WOW does Anna know her stuff. She made it seem logical and doable. Thank you Anna! And if you are unsure of anything in this arena, I would give Anna a shout. She is brilliant!
Wow, Anna knows her stuff!
Alison Taylor - Entrepreneur - Living Forever Skin Care


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